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I'm a rising M4 student at the University of Michigan Medical School. Depression robbed me of the things I value most: my intellectual curiosity, my motivation to help others, and my interest in living. I have always been a very competitive and self-conscious person, and for a long time I did everything I could to hide what I was going through. I was so ashamed. But the tears of my colleagues, the tales of deferred suicide attempts my classmates confided in me, and the tragic deaths of bright minds – at my own institution, and around the country -- lent strength to my conviction to be open about my experience. I started this initiative in the hopes of changing the culture of the medical profession, so that more developing physicians who need help aren't afraid of ask for it.

This is my story as published in JAMA. 


Thank you to everyone who supported and contributed to this initiative!

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, with special thanks to Dr. John Greden and Dr. Sagar Parikh

The University of Michigan Medical School, with special thanks to Dr. Rajesh Mangrulkar and Dr. Tamara Gay

Our Brave Video Participants:

  • Tessa Adzemovic

  • Carolyn Levin

  • Heather Burrows, MD, Pediatrics

  • Katie Kruse, MD, Psychiatry

  • David Stewart, MD, Medicine-Pediatrics

  • Amy Tschirhart, Counseling Psychologist

  • Douglas Gelb, MD, Neurology

  • Marina Mikhael

  • Erin Inman, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Lauren Gaston-Hawkins

  • Lisa Masini

  • Shuby Priyadarshini

  • Alyssa Mazurek

  • Erin McKean, MD, Otolaryngology

  • Claire Collins

  • Matthew Hughes, MD, Psychiatry

  • Samuel MacKenzie, MD, Pediatric Neurology

  • Lakshmi Karra

  • Srijan Sen, MD, Psychiatry

  • Megan McCleod

  • Jasmyne Jackson

  • Michelle Kappy

  • Michael Englesby, MD, Transplantation Surgery

  • Seth Klapman

  • Karlie Haug

  • Jeffrey Nadel

  • Kathryn Baker, MD, Psychiatry

  • Brian Desmond

  • Alexandra Rzepecki

Todd Jaffe & Charles Hwang, Musical Accompaniment to Video

Michael Hortsch, PhD, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Provision of Neurohistology Images

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