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Physicians Connected strives to inspire empathy and awareness about depression among physician trainees. When trainee mental health is discussed, it is often done so through an academic lens, with particular attention to trends and statistics. Rarely are the voices of depressed individuals emphasized. Stigma, combined with a flawed notion that physicians must never show weakness and a fear of professional consequences, discourage developing healers from asking for the help that they need. Untreated depression profoundly impacts the cognitive and emotional strength of individuals, the strength of professional teams, the quality of medical decision-making, and the health of patients. It's time we started talking about it.

Our pilot video attempts to engender cultural change by engaging the viewer in an intimate dialogue about an insidious, life-threatening epidemic in the medical profession. 



We seek to inspire meaningful cultural change within the medical profession, such that:

1. Physicians are leaders in the fight against stigmatizing mental illness.

2. Physicians and trainees are supported in seeking treatment for depression, and are not held back by stigma or a fear of professional consequences.

3. Medical faculty and administrations are better able to recognize depression in their colleagues and trainees.


The Film

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Vulnerability is the antidote to shame. 

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